Dutch Dutch Verbs

We have picked some common Dutch verbs to help you build your first sentences in Dutch. Tell your friends what you do, like and want in Dutch!

English Dutch
Yesterday gisteren
To ask vragen
To close sluiten
To cook koken
To drink drinken
To give geven
To know weten
To listen luisteren
To open openen
To run lopen
To see zien
To sit zitten
To stand up staan
To swim zwemmen
To talk praten
To understand begrijpen
English Dutch
GHIS-tuh-ruhn gisteren
To buy kopen
To come komen
To do doen
To eat eten
To go gaan
To learn leren
To meet voldoen
To read lezen
To say zeggen
To sell verkopen
To smile lachen
To study studeren
To take nemen
To teach geven
To use gebruiken