Dutch Dutch Words

Learn most common Dutch words we have picked out for you, and you will understand some phrases and sentences you read in Dutch or hear from native speakers.

English Dutch Pronunciation
Yesterday gisteren GHIS-tuh-ruhn
Today vandaag vahn-DAHG
Tomorrow morgen MORE-ghun
The day after tomorrow overmorgen O-vuhr-more-ghun
Last week vorige week VOH-ruh-ghuh WAKE
This week deze week DAY-zuh WAKE
Next week volgende week VOL-ghun-duh WAKE
Monday maandag MAHN-dahg
Tuesday dinsdag DINSS-dahg
Wednesday woensdag WOONS-dahg
Thursday donderdag DON-duhr-dahg
Friday vrijdag VRAY-dahg
Saturday zaterdag ZAH-tuhr-dahg
Sunday zondag ZON-dahg
Black zwart ZWAHRT
White wit WHIT
Gray grijs GREYS
Red rood ROWT
Blue blauw BLAW
Yellow geel GHAYL
Green groen GHROON
Orange oranje oh-RAHN-yuh
Purple paars PAHRS
Brown bruin BRUYN
Coffee koffie coffee
Tea thee tay
Juice sap sahp
Soda water spuitwater SPUYT-wah-tuhr
Water water WAH-tuhr
Beer bier beer
Red/white wine rode/witte wijn ROH-duh/WIH-tuh waiyn