Korean Korean Verbs

Learn the most used Korean verbs, and start making your first steps in Korean verb conjugation. Remember that Korean language is largely based on verbs.

Korean English
오다 to come
먹다 to eat
가다 to go
배우다 to learn
앉다 to sit
씻다 to wash
울다 to cry
웃다 to laugh
일어나다 to get up
춤추다 to dance
공부하다 to study
사다 to buy
전화하다 to telephone
나가다 to exit
물어보다 to ask
도와주다 to help
닫다 to close
쉬다 to rest
생각하다 to think
모르다 to not know
있다 to have
이야기하다 to talk, chat
내다 to pay
사랑하다 to love
좋아하다 to like
Korean English
싫어하다 to hate, dislike
마시다 to drink
주다 to give
듣다 to hear
만들다 to make
자다 to sleep
쓰다 to write
갖다 to have
보다 to see
걷다 to walk
만나다 to meet
운전하다 to drive
읽다 to read
말하다 to talk, speak
들어오다 to enter
필요하다 to need
열다 to open
일하다 to work
운동하다 to exercise
알다 to know
하다 to do
없다 to not have
묻다 to ask
살다 to live