Danish Danish Verbs

Learn most common Danish verbs, regular and irregular verb conjugation forms. Danish conjugation is easy, so you'll start using Danish verbs in no time.

English Danish
To ask at spørge
To close at lukke
To cook at lave mad
To drink at drikke
To give at give
To know at vide
To listen at lytte
To open Sådan åbnes
To run Hvis du vil køre
To see Hvis du vil se
To sit at sidde
To stand up At stå op
To swim at svømme
To talk at tale
English Danish
To buy at købe
To come at komme
To do at gøre
To eat at spise
To go at gå
To learn at lære
To meet at opfylde
To read Hvis du vil læse
To say at sige
To sell at sælge
To smile at smile
To study at studere
To take at tage
To teach at undervise