Latin Latin Words

Learn some Latin words, which you can either use in the written and oral speech, legal discussions, or simply gain better understanding of many English words.

Latin English
Adflicto Affligo to injure, weaken, discourage, damage, break
Amplitudo size, breadth, dignity, grandeur, greatness
Animus courage, vivacity, bravery, will, spirit, soul
Attollo to raise, lift up, elevate / excite, exalt
Casso to bring to naught, destroy, annul, make void
Cogito to think, ponder, consider, plan
Consulo to reflect, consider, ponder, reflect
Corrumpo to break up, destroy, annihilate / spoil, weaken
Decorus beautiful, charming, proper, fit, becoming
Decretum decree, judgment, edict, order
Excellentia excellence, merit, worth
Exhibeo to show, present, allow, display, present, offer
Facultas power, opportunity, capacity, stock
Haud no, not at all, by no means
Malum damage, evil, misfortune, crime, injury
Modo now, just now, only
Novus novel, unusual, extraordinary / news, novelty
Pendo to weigh, value, consider, judge, esteem
Pulcher / Pulchra / Pulchrum beautiful, handsome, fine
Rectus right, correct, proper, upright, natural, plain
Reddo to repeat, recite, represent, imitate
Repens sudden, unexpected, fresh, recent
Servo to watch over, keep, protect, observe, save, reserve
Sino allow, suffer, permit, let
Solvo to loosen, untie, release
Somnium dream, fancy, day-dream / foolishness, nonsense
Suscipio to raise up, maintain, support, accept, receive, undertake
Velut adv just as, like, even as
Vis Vires (pl) force, power, strength, influence